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Update – Tudorstone Developments

By February 16, 2022No Comments

So as you know by now, no one would talk to me in person, on the phone, or via email (the only method Tudorstone ever used). I felt so poorly treated so posted the honest, civil, expletive/slander free review on Google as my honest experience with the team. 

As you will know if you have read the page, my wife is heavily pregnant and as we have been patiently waiting, house prices have continued to increase – so our options to move before our third child arrives are very few, so even though nothing in me wanted to pay the extra money to Tudorstone due to how they have dealt with the situation, my wife being in a new house and the ordeal being over was important, so I wanted to keep the option on the table while we worked out what other houses were out there. We had in writing from Tudorstone Developments that we could reserve the house for the new price until the Friday. I emailed Brett Property on the Saturday to ask for the forms and also called twice, being told I would get a call back, I never did (other buyers experienced the same) but on Tuesday got an email from Tudorstone stating that due to my review, they would not be going ahead with the transaction. I am not surprised as this is in keeping with the poor professionalism experienced through out in regard to communication and customer service. How in this day and age they think they can treat people so poorly and it not have any implications is beyond me.

If they had just been willing to have a civil conversation, I would not have written the review (necessarily), but that was too much to ask. 

The hunt for a house for my pregnant wife and two kids continues – after how we have been treated I am glad to put this behind us now and hope that the responsibility-shy directors will be more willing to communicate to future buyers. As an experienced company director there have been times where I have lost significant money in order to provide good customer service, and communication has always been the most important aspect of resolving issues – I guess this is why the treatment has particularly got to me, and I have certainly never censored reviews!

They money isn’t the big issue – if they had even given a hint that this might happen a couple of months before, it would have been somewhat easier to digest, but to leave it so late with no warning at all is the cause of the hurt.

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